Young adults, Large and Small crowds, (Fibonacci Event - 2017, 2018, 2019) Lead with Rhythm facilitator and owner is a certified state educator in science, brings a unique and well versed ability to mix drumming skills and science to connect the two. Science, tech, engineering, & math need to be communicated so a a connection to the arts and communication is imperative. Lead with Rhythm and the amazing facilitation connect your STEM event to the arts for a riveting STEAM session that they will never forget.

From the moment we start:
100% Engagement
100% Message Delivery
100% Interaction, Guranteed!

  • Team Energy
  • Fun & Laughter
  • Everyone working together
  • One Voice-One Sound

Monumental tasls are easily overcome when teams work together. Wheter you want to break down the silo walls, open up lines of communication, user in winds of change, or simply reinforce a wrokplcae cultural message. Lead with Rhytym Team Building will develop an event specific to your needs, and deliver a program they will talk about, reflect on, and remember for years to come! See some choice programs or develop one with us. We love the challenge! Call today, they'll be glad you did.